Fort Walton Beach High School has a proud tradition of offering some of the finest athletic programs in the area.

Below is a list of sports that we offer.  Click on your sport of choice to view that page.


Can you hear the play-by-play announcer?

Visitors to Steve Riggs Stadium who need help hearing the announcer during events in the stadium may check out an assisted hearing device. This device is available for check out at the main ticket booth.

About Fort Walton Beach High School:

Fort Walton Beach High School, established in 1973, is one of three comprehensive high schools in the greater Fort Walton Beach area. Located on the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida, the community's population numbers over 171,000 and has an abundance of jobs, low taxes and an enviable year round climate. Okaloosa County is home to two of the largest military installations in the free world - Eglin and Hurlburt Air Force Bases. They attract a large number of defense industries and government contractors to our area. Our student population is made up of ethnically, racially, and socio-economically diverse students.